Thursday, December 29, 2016

You all know I'm new at this and I can promise there won't be any regular schedule set for my posts but recently, as you can imagine has posed some unique circumstances.  This was Natasha's favorite holiday.  She loved to decorate for it, cook for it and couldn't wait to see our children's faces in the morning after they caught glimpse of what Santa brought and family shortly there after.  She literally loved everything about it.  That was all on the surface.  She also loved celebrating her Heavenly Father's Birthday, the real reason for the season.  This year she got the ultimate gift, she got to celebrate it with Jesus in real time and I'm certain she made it his best birthday yet. 

Many friends and family have shed multiple tears due to her absence.  There is no doubt that she has left a huge hole here on earth.  Honestly, I never knew how much space her personality, love, beauty, faith, patience and understanding took up. She literally took up what was left in a room; she had that ability...she filled it so everyone around her was better.  When you hear the words "It's a Different Kind of Christmas This Year", trust me, it was.  Herrells4 had so many emotions running through our family and extended family but I have to tell you, there was a calm laid over me and I think all of us most of the day.  I was in so much pain, for my kids and family but I wasn't able to physically express it.  I truly felt Natasha with me the entire day.  I know deep down she had the best Christmas ever and for that I am Thankful and kind of jealous, however, our time to be together again will come soon enough and we will be celebrating together again with Jesus, the Son of the Living God. 

She is with us each year on her favorite tree!

Santa came for the kids!  They told me the big man hit the mark! 


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